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Our story

DG ART is an Australian  company representing the famous JENAVI brand in Australia. 

Jenavi is one of the largest manufacturer of the fine handcrafted jewelry with real genuine high quality Austrian Swarovski ©Crystal in Europe.

The company was founded in 1991 in Saint Petersburg, the capital of the jeweler’s art. Thanks to its highly professional team, this firm quickly grew into a large production and distribution company that employs more than 500 employees today.

Today Jenavi is a leading producer and distributor of bijouterie to Russian and foreign markets.

The company has its own retail network in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, as well as a large network of dealers, amounting to over 400 stores and retail points in various cities and countries.

The basic idea behind the company is stylish design and a jeweler’s approach to producing bijouterie.

A hypoallergenic galvanic covering with precious metals (24 karat gold, 999.9 standard silver, rhodium) is used for the jewelry production.

Every month Jenavi releases 2-3 new collections, two to three collections are produced each month.

Meticulously handcrafted at the family-owned factory, the brand’s signature style is a subtly nuanced reinterpretation of the rich heritage of historic Russia, with a touch of playfulness and a nod to modernity.

Designed with Swarovski crystals, pearls, natural and ornamental stones, fur and leather, combined with gold and silver plating, the brand is available throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia and the product range now includes more than 30.000 items.

Every item is created at Jenavi, starting with a sketch, and passes through the whole production cycle at its own factory.

Creation of the products is controlled at all stages by qualified specialists.

The company buys 2.500.000 crystals from Swarovski every month for jewelry production.

Jenavi rightfully occupies the top spot on the short list of Swarovski world diamond partners.

The Jenavi brand will continue to delight its fans with new collections, evoke pleasant emotions, inspire joint creative work in fashion and develop its partnership with Swarovski Company!